Guardians MH Programs

With the ever growing gaming and streaming communities, we are developing meaningful positive mental health programs that can be utilized to better the over well-being of gamers on every platform. From interacting with community members on a streaming platform, to integrating our peer support program, we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission.

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Moderator Program

To inform and train live-streaming service users and moderators on proper methods in dealing with mental health topics and crisis scenario(s) in viewer chats and user events.


Mentoring Program

 To improve the quality of life through a point of contact for crisis and advisory scenarios for those afflicted. To provide important information for people experiencing a mental health crisis or potential one.

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FINE program

A well being program being developed by our own Dr. Williams and peers. A how to recognize anxiety, distress and how to define fine and breaking down the stigma of not being okay is okay.


Peer Support program

A program in development to bring individuals looking to establish a peer support network to their communities and platforms. This program will provide resources and knowledge to effectively provide a informed support environment for others


1 in 6

Experienced a common mental disorder’ like depression or anxiety in the past week.



people play video games on at least one type of device, with more than half of those who game, playing on multiple platforms.



of Americans will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition sometime in their life. Half of those people will develop conditions by the age 14.