Project Guardians Twitch Channel

Bringing mental health awareness and support to the community is what our team does day in and day out. ProjectGuardians.Org also has a Twitch channel where we host all of our mental health awareness/charity streams that support amazing MH organizations. During each week you will find positive gaming streams from our stream team, mental health topic chat streams, a wide range of mental health focused hosted streams and our live shows.


Saint 14 Project Podcast

Recording of the Saint 14 Project Podcast is Tuesday nights 10 pm est every other week. Follow us on Twitter for updates and news. The Podcast is a fusion of mental health topics and gaming, highlighting mental health organizations, character profiles by Dr.Goku and a new mental health topic for each show. Catch our special game focused episodes and our special guests from around the gaming and mental health communities.


Mental HEalth Awareness Streams/events

Throughout the year Project Guardians hosts multiple mental health awareness streams live on the Project Guardians Twitch channel . Each stream event supports mental health awareness in the gaming community and 100% of all donations and proceeds go directly to one of the many mental health organization.


Project Guardians - Let’s Talk

Join us for our new round table mental health topic streams called Let’s Talk. Airing every other Thursday starting Jan.17th (off podcast weeks) at 10pm est with guests, we will choose a mental health/illness topic to discuss openly, sharing personal experiences and providing resources during each topic. Everyone is welcome to join the discussions live during the Twitch streams and we encourage all to join us for each. All episodes will be uploaded to our YouTube channel shortly after each Let’s Talk session.

PRoject Guardians Game Nights

Every month the Project Guardians team gets together for a game night. Everyone is invited to join us on stream as sit down and try a new game or past favorite, having a good time together. These nights will be announced in advance on our social feeds so be sure to keep an eye for them and come join us for a night.