Saint 14 Project Podcast Presents

Dr. Goku's Character Profile Analysis 

    Each episode of the Saint 14 Project Podcast we post a poll on our social media pages featuring a choice of characters from pop culture and video games that you get to vote on. Dr. Goku then spends countless hours researching and analyzing the winning character to present on that weeks show. We are excited to now share each of the character profiles with you here on the website. Working hard to present each profile filled with graphics and tailored for you. 



He stands for law, order and protection of the last city. He is almost obsessed by this where all of his decisions are made with this thought in mind. He embodies what it is to be a Titan as they stand and defend, holding the line, building the wall and stopping whatever tries to break through.

Commander Zavala


However, the character has a longer and deeper history then what we know of the MCU series. While this analysis will mainly focus on the character which is present in the MCU, some origin back story is still a point of interest in order to better understand the character.

Jessica Jones


She wants to understand her past, who she was, what she did and how to use this knowledge to best help the people of earth now.

Ana Bray


Alice, while the world is in complete chaos, is in “control” she has a purpose in life and that is to stop the Umbrella Corporation. Her self-efficacy is everything she does to stop them and save the world. this gives her peace while others would be in panic

Alice (Resident Evil Franchise)


When speaking about Eleven from a psychological perspective, we can evidently see elements of posttraumatic stress, possible Stockholm syndrome and elements of social isolation, seclusion and solitary confinement.

Eleven (Stranger Things Series)