Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is a round table discussion on mental health topics with advocates, mental health professionals, counselors, trained and/or certified persons and life experienced persons. Talking about these topics is one way of de-stigmatizing mental health and allowing it to be more acceptable. We always encourage others to join in on the conversation where everyone has a voice in the topic during our live recording.

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Guardians MH podcast

A fusion of gaming and mental health topics and discussions in a causal atmosphere. We invite you to join us every other Thursday night 10pm est / 7pm pst for our live recording streamed on Twitch. Available anywhere you listen to podcasts.


Guardians MH Live streams

Twitch is one of the streaming platforms we utilize to promote mental health awareness and make a difference with the ever growing gaming and streaming communities. On our channel you can find live Let’s Talk streams, positive gaming, and large awareness streams including many advocates from the gaming community.


Guardians MH YouTube channel

YouTube is where you can find all of our archived streams and videos as well as meaningful content on mental health awareness.

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Gamer mental health focused programs

Working with mental health professionals and other to come together to develop meaningful programs for the overall well being of persons through out the community.

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Convention and expo mental health resources booth

Starting in 2020 Guardians MH will be hosting mental health resources booths at various gaming conventions throughout the US